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Fred Van Kuyk


Fred will return as president of the jury for Edition 2017.

Fred is a well known actor, acting since 1973. He is best known as Opa Fonkel (Grandpa Fonkel, Mega Mindy) to the youngest viewers, but he also starred in "Het Eiland" (The Island), "W817", "De Kabouterschat" (The Leprechaun Treasure), "Daens",... Besides acting, he is also a director. He is currently working of a short film about the legendary figure "Sterke Peer" (Strong Peer), a famous butcher and pub owner who lived 100 years ago in Wuustwezel (Belgium).

Sahim Omar Kalifa


(born 1980 Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan) is a Belgian-Kurdish filmmaker based in Belgium.

In 2001, he came to Belgium, and in 2008 he got his Master's degree in filmmaking at Sint-Lukas Film School, Brussels. With his short film Nan, Kalifa won the Best Flemish Student Film at the Leuven International Short Film Festival.

Kalifa has won 96 international awards with his short films Land of the Heroes, Baghdad Messi, and Bad Hunter. The biggest achievements so far.

Klara Van Es


Klara Van Es has a master’s degree in Art History. She has a long and successful career as a radio and television producer/director.

In 2010, Klara introduced herself as a documentary filmmaker. Her first feature documentary Verdwaald in het Geheugenpaleis/Lost down Memory Lane is the first authors documentary about living with Alzheimer’s, as seen through the eyes of the people who suffer from it. Until today, more than 30.000 theatrical visitors have seen it and Lost down Memory Lane breaks any historical box-office number in Belgium.

Her second feature documentary 17, Carnot Street captures the stories of three migrant families in one Antwerp appartment building with a cinematographic history. Currently Klara is editing her third feature documentary on emotions and mental disability.

Erik Lamens


Born in Reet, Belgium. Erik finished his degree cum laude at the Filmschool HIBK St. Lukas in Brussels. He now works as editor, screenwriter and director, known for, To Speak (1999), SM-rechter (2009) and Nicolas (2000). With those productions he won a load of awards. Furthermore he is a founding member of the Directors Guild & amp; and Writers Guild Flanders (Belgium).

Pet aerden


More Information later

Bram Renders


Born in Antwerp and studied at the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITC) in Brussels. Bram is a full time scenario writer as freelancer. He is responsible for a lot of tv series, including W817 and Jes, the movies Los and Patser and some transmedial experiments. He also is founder of the Scenaristengilde, the professional and interests association of scenarios in Flanders. Furthermore he is a board member of SABAM.

The Jury

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